Our Members:

Liam Andrew aka Legend Liam

Age:   15

Mini:   none

Nationality:   English

A little more:
I have loved minis since i was about 3 ever since i watched The Italian Job on Channel 4. I have a little hate for german cars & ford focus's. I read Mini World, Mini Mag & anything Mini. I would love to meet the teams @ Mini world. I am i loyal friend who is myself. My faverate Mini is a Austun Mini Cooper S.


Age: 17
Mini: clubman 1275GT
nationality: British
A little more:
My mini is called maddy n she is beatiful but she is a mess at the mo am giving her a makeover.

 jim deakin

Whats your Mini: 1990 mini check mate 988cc original mini restored
Whats your age: 68 years old
Whats your nationality: british
Tell us a little about yourself &/or Mini:
Well i have been living in phuket thailand for the last 11 years have a gorgeous thai wife and son she is 36 years younger than me at last I have found true love this last 11 years and last year I found my second love  a rover mini check mate shes 18 years old I have rostored her in bankok I have seen old mini vans mini coopers and a 1960 mini.
What do you want to know?
I would like toknow how many rover minis 1990 check mates were made. also my mini is black white top 2 white stripes on bonnet on one stripe it says mr cooper is that normal.

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